Feng Shui inspiracija: 10 profila koje trebaš zapratiti želiš li privući pozitivnu energiju u svoj dom

Feng Shui inspiracija: 10 profila koje trebaš zapratiti želiš li privući pozitivnu energiju u svoj dom© Instagram

One su Feng Shui majstorice i zbog njih ćeš pronaći motivaciju za prihvaćanjem najbolje verzije sebe, ali i inspiraciju za uređenjem doma

Feng Shui, drevna umjetnost i vještina uređenja prostora i življenja u skladu s okruženjem u kojem boravimo već dugo vremena prisutna je među ljudima, a cijeli smisao ove kineske vještine je ostvarenje ravnoteže između različitih energija u prostoru radi postizanja sklada i harmonije.

Bez obzira pokušavaš li u svoj dom unijeti više pozitivne energije, otvoriti samu sebe prema mogućnostima ili želiš unijeti prosperitet i produktivnost u svoj život, Feng Shui postao je popularan način na koji se sve navedeno može postići.
Međutim, s toliko informacija koje kruže okolo, teško je znati odakle započeti. Zbog toga smo pronašle nekoliko najboljih Instagram profila posvećenih upravo ovoj životnoj filozofiji. Ako tražiš inspiraciju ili činjenice o tome kako uključiti Feng Shui u svoj život, obavezno zaprati ove profile.


Volimo način na koji Amanda posvećuje pažnju detaljima. Kao autorica i predana stručnjakinja, možeš računati na nju da će ti dati prijeko potreban savjet kako unijeti pravu energiju u svoj dom. Njezina je stranica šarena i razigrana, savršen dodatak Instagram feedu za bilo koju ljubiteljicu Feng Shui koncepta.

linen is a both a staple and must-have in our home because it is so shui spectacular for allllll the reasons: ?? studies show linen helps us fall asleep faster. sleep deeper. and wake up more refreshed. ?? linen filters noise, dust, and chemical exposure, keeping the air around us high vibe healthy. ?? linen won’t soak up static electricity – YAY. and it doesn’t contribute to allergies – woot woot! ?? it’s great for anti-inflammatory conditions. ?? and here’s a fun fact: the term lingerie originates from when people once wore linen under their clothing. (how’s that for chicka-shui-bow-wow?) ?? in shui, the closer we are to something, the bigger its influence in our lives. so, any spot o’linen is a very, very good thing for our bodies and homes. ?? there are so ?? many ?? ways to incorporate it into your daily rituals and routines, but here are my 3 favorites: ?? i relish crawling into bed every night, and what makes it even better is swaddling myself in linen bedding. (and as soon as i can decide on my next color combo, my heart is set on one of the color combos featured from @linotodotcom). ?? linen napkins. they are an instant upgrade to your everyday place setting and make mealtime feel exceptionally inviting and cozy. ?? a linen tablecloth softens table edges and absorbs moody vibes that sometimes emerge over meals. also, with date nights happening at home, linen *warms* things up for that intimate evening in. ?? here’s the best part: linen only gets softer with each wash. it is the ultimate token of appreciation and affection in our spaces because it simply improves with age. and very few things these days can boast that confidently. so, if you’re looking for a perfect dose of good cheer to treat yourself to now (or anytime in the coming months), head right over to @linotodotcom and make it happen! xo ?? (*i learned about linen from M. Carol Assa + her studies with Dr. Heidi Crawford-Yellen.)

Objavu dijeli amanda | Feng Shui expert (@amandagibbypeters)


how often do you do something nice for your home? are you consistent with your gestures? i tell people often – during consults and in workshops/classes i teach – think of your home as a family member. and instead of assuming it is there just for you, realize YOU ARE PART OF ITS LIFE, too. chances are high our homes will outlive us, so make the time you spend in yours count. whenever we love our homes, the energy is reciprocated back and in truly magnificent ways. it also leaves something wonderful for the next owner/family. so, here's what i want you to do: give yours a little TLC weekly. for me, the gesture is flowers. i buy so many flowers. if we time travelled back to my shui beginning and what i did to turn the tide for us, it was buy flowers. sure, it felt indulgent and ridiculous to spend money we really didn’t have. but instead of breaking us, our lives transformed completely. it wasn't instantaneous or overnight, but eventually a $5 bouquet became a $15 bundle. and soon enough that $15 dollar bundle turned into 2 bundles. comfortably. flowers worked their way even into small spaces, just to catch our eye and delight us! and now, that initial "treat yo’self bouquet o'blooms" has blossomed into several vases of thriving, pretty chi throughout our home every single week. xo

Objavu dijeli amanda | Feng Shui expert (@amandagibbypeters)

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