Ove žene dokazuju da ne postoji pravo ''tijelo za bikini''

Ove dame dokazuju da je bilo kakvo tijelo ''tijelo za bikini'', a mi se s njima u potpunosti slažemo


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Starting today, i am only going to post the things that truly align with my true self and what I WANT to post. I got really tired of men constantly oversexualizing me and getting constantly harassed so i stopped posting as much body posi/bikini/lingerie photos. Even though, that’s what i truly love to post and speak about. I love showing my unwavering love for every part of my body. My back rolls, my chicken pox scars, my scars from volleyball, imperfect skin, acne, rashes etc. What i most enjoy about my platform is being honest, and not sugar coating body image/body positivity. That’s why i started this page and why i even bother to stay on social media. Some days i really want to take a break. And after talking to friends today, i realized i needed to post what i want to post and speak on. I will no longer filter myself out of fear. So here it goes y’all, stay woke ?????+??????

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Well hello there to all 500,000 of you! Thanks to my sweet pals over @tartecosmetics we’ve gained quite a few new followers recently... allow me to introduce (or re-introduce) myself! I’m Loey. I make a lot of content on this great big internet, including telling stories, talking about my favorite makeup & fashion products and (most importantly) spreading body positivity and self love. And for those who just dropped by to leave a nasty comment and not join our beautiful, love-filled community, I have a liiiiittle secret to fill you in on... I OWN A MIRROR ?????? You don’t have to tell me I’m fat because I already know! You know what else I am though? I’m a loyal friend, a hard worker, a dog (& cat) (& guinea pig) (& horse) (& reptile) mama. These are things the mirror isn’t going to show you. I love my life and I will never let how anyone perceives me to hold me back. When you’re sure in the person you are, you don’t have time for negativity and self-doubt. I don’t have anger to feed back to anyone who calls me names or thinks poorly of me due to my body size. I’m too busy reminding every last one of you (not so nice people included) that you’re perfect in your own skin. That raging war against yourself in the form of hating your body is unnecessary because you’re flawless the way you are. In EVERY stage your body lands in, whether you’re thin, fit, curvy, plus-size or anywhere in-between... You are worthy of love in all forms, and it starts with appreciating and loving yourself. Welcome to friends new and old and remember to be kind to yourself and others today. Also, suit is from my actual mom @theashleygraham and felt very fitting for this post ??

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  • 21.4.2019 16:56:45
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Ako se one dobro osjećaju,tko sam ja da im sudim .... Neka nose što hoće..
  • 21.4.2019 15:05:23
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A joj , nije mi baš to lijepo za vidjeti , mislim da je ipak previše , svaka bi trebala skinuti bar 10 kila.
  • 20.4.2019 20:33:25
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A ja opsjednuta svojim šlaufekom koji nikako stesati i mislim si kako mi badić sa špagicama ne pristaje.Ahhhh
  • 20.4.2019 18:56:08
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Slažem se. Ne volim krajnosti. Nema potrebe "podržavati" pretilost tj. debljinu... onu stvarno pretjeranu (konf. broj 40 je skroz ok ;))
  • 20.4.2019 18:52:58
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Lipo je voljeti sebe u granicama normale(L, M, S) veličine su sasvim ok i to su ajmo reći najbolje veličine. Nemam ništa protiv oblina, ali kad to nije opasno po zdravlje. Tu su neke stvarno pretile žene i to nije nimalo lipo ni zdravo.
  • 20.4.2019 17:07:41
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Ovdje na fotografijama tri cure drže kilograme pod kontrolom, ostalo već spada u pretilost i to žešću. (Kao, ja se javljam, a imam 12-15 kilograma viška i konfekcijski broj 40 i brdo sala na trbuhu...)Ali, najvažnije je da se one osjećaju sretnima, zar ne?